London-based visual media composer and sound designer, Eleanor Fineston-Robertson writes music and sound for TV, Film, Animations, Galleries and Installations. Eleanor has composed the music/sound for various clients, including: Barbican Centre, The National Trust, The Courtauld Gallery, RAM Records and Illuminated River. As well as collaborating with Mcasso and the National Theatre. Most recently her work was screened at the Vue Cinema and BFI Southbank.
Using a session orchestra and manipulating the voices of men and woman who built, maintained and operated Tower Bridge, Eleanor Fineston-Robertson created an impressive underscore and sound-design for City of London's Tower Bridge's 125th anniversary celebration. This was truly a remarkable and unmissable event. Peter Bennett, TV Producer, wrote ‘the post event exercise up the 100 stairs only helped to warmup the naturally chilled surroundings!’
Eleanor created three scored soundtracks to the 'Ludwig' Animated series for live performance, with the original animator Peter Lang in the audience and Jon Glover, as before, narrating live to the orchestra. A moment from history brought back to life. Commissioned by the Barbican Centre, sponsored by DHL, for the Beethoven Weekender event, ‘the music fitted beautifully with the action and showed real empathy and understanding for what we originally tried to achieve. I am still smiling.’ - Peter Lang, original animator.
Eleanor Fineston-Robertson was lucky enough to have been involved in composing the music for the Illuminated River project. Illuminated River is now the longest public art commission in the world, measuring 3.2 miles in length. The artwork will be seen by over 90 million people a year. A big thank you to the Guildhall Session Orchestra for performing the aforementioned piece in the studio. And another big thank you to the Guildhall String Quartet for playing a live version of the piece by the riverside on the day of the launch.
Once compositions are polished and ready, session players regularly jump onboard for the final take. Eleanor Fineston-Robertson has the added experience of organising parts, setting up the studio, conducting and post-production.

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