Illuminated River - Westminster Bridge - The Longest Public Art Commission In The World


10 year installation, which launched on the 13th April 2021

E Fineston-Robertson was lucky enough to have been involved in composing the music for the Illuminated River project. Illuminated River is now the longest public art commission in the world, measuring 3.2 miles in length. The artwork will be seen by over 90 million people a year.

About EFR's piece:

E Fineston-Robertson researched places of interest around the area of Westminster Bridge, and was drawn to the Elizabeth Tower. The Elizabeth Tower, commonly known as Big Ben, was built in 1859, three years before the current Westminster Bridge was built. EFR wanted to feature the bell, and its journey since its inception in 1859. At the beginning of the piece they have included a time-stretched sample of the bell, to reflect on its recent four-year restoration. The pizzicato strings are there to represent the ticking of the clock, as well as the tone of the chime. EFR used a sample of crowd audio, reacting to the bell ringing for the last time prior to its restoration. At the very end of the piece, the pizzicato comes back in, as if to say the status quo has been restored.

The piece, entitled ‘Born Again Ben,’ was written, conducted, produced, mixed and mastered by E Fineston-Robertson. A big thank you to the Guildhall Session Orchestra for performing the aforementioned piece in the studio. And another big thank you to the String Quartet, Players of Guildhall Session Orchestra for playing a live version of the piece by the riverside on the day of the launch.

Illuminated River - The Longest Public Art Commission In The World

Westminster Bridge Riverside

13th April 2021

Players of the Guildhall Session Orchestra played a live string quartet version of my piece by the riverside on the day of the launch.