Pieces of Us, a short film supported by acclaimed writer, director and theatre maker Jude Christian

8th-22nd March 2021

E Fineston-Robertson was privileged enough to have been involved in the ‘Pieces of Us’ project, specifically working with Felix Newman on his short film, ‘High Road’. It was available to watch online from the 8th of March until the 22nd of March 2021.

Pieces of Us is a kaleidoscopic series of short, stand-alone solo performance works created by Guildhall School students.

Written, directed and performed by the students in lockdown isolation across the world, these original performances will provide a unique and deeply personal snapshot of the diverse range of stories, artistry and lived experiences that exist within Guildhall’s student community.

Throughout the creative process, students have been supported by acclaimed writer, director and theatre maker Jude Christian, Artistic Associate at the Gate Theatre; and Lizzie Donaghy and Debra Tidd, stage management advisors.



With original music by: Eleanor Fineston-Robertson

“I’ve been slogging my guts out for the last 15 years and yeah, I want something to show for it…”

James Phillip’s dream, Tour de France glory, is within sight. But in a sport encouraging athletes to win at all costs, where do you draw the line? Please note this performance contains strong language and references to performance-enhancing drugs.